Covid Relief

Our world has undergone a crisis due to COVID-19. The outbreak of coronavirus in India and continued lockdown it is a difficult time for everyone. Humanity is fighting one of its biggest crisis, and it’s our time to come together and support each other. People surviving on daily wages were the most impacted as they have no opportunity to earn amid lockdown and to add to it, no savings, making it worse for them. The OFINS has been on ground since early April and putting efforts to minimize the impact that this lockdown as well as others support to the covid patient and their families. Soon after the covid case increase and the lockdown extended, OFINS pressed upon to fulfilling immediate needs of the community. We have served food and grocery to those people who are struggling to survive during lockdown. We have taken necessary step to fight and provide support to society like Grocery distribution, Mask, Sanitizer & Sanitary Pad distribution, Oxygen Support, Covid Help desk, Mobile dispensary and Grocery & Medicine delivery service, community kitchen etc. We received support from many individuals.


Ready Food Distribution

Since the beginning of our journey OFINS has always stood by the people. Now we are going through the Covid-19 pandemic which has made many people jobless, robbing many of them of their basic requirements in terms of food, medicine etc. OFINS has also stepped forward Government and other NGOs to arrange food for needy people. It was very early stage when 1st lockdown has been started people were just lost everything suddenly, poor people were struggling for daily food for their family and children. Our initiative give them relief for a while. Then we have decided to do something more to support these people.

Mobile Dispensary for Covid Relief

Mobile dispensaries are that which provides health coverage to the people living in the remote and deep interior areas. These mobile dispensaries are functional on a regularly and door-to-door basis. This mobile dispensary equipped with doctor, support team and medicine and concentrating on the economically weaker locality. We have started our mobile dispensary during 1st phase of lockdown due to Covid-19, when all private doctor’s clinic were closed and also zero transportation people are not getting their normal health services. From this mobile dispensary people can take advice from doctor as well as they can get free of cost medicine at their door step.

Hardik Community Kitchen

OFINS has started Hardik Community kitchen to serve the people who are undergo covid lockdown and those people who are lost their job during lockdown mainly daily wage worker, migrant labor and homeless people. We have served over 4000 meals during the lockdown since 2020-21. local people also come up with us and enhance their support to continue this service. Hardik Community Kitchen provide service in 3 different part of north 24 parganas. We have also providing nutrition food to the children because most of the children of those families are suffering due to malnutrition.

Mask & Sanitizer Distribution & Covid Awareness

We all knows the importance of a Mask to protect himself and others form corona virus. Since the beginning of Covid-19 Mask is playing one of the main role in covid protocol. And as per WHO we have to wear mask and use sanitizer all time when we go out side from home. Govt has also take necessary step to aware people of the importance of Mask and Sanitizer. OFINS has distributed over 5000 mask and sanitizer throughout the period of covid till now. Our covid awareness target is to aware people to use mask and sanitizer on regular basis because we observed negligence of wearing mask among the people.

Covid Help Desk & Information Bank


Oxygen Cylinder Service for Covid Patient

Grocery & Medicine Delivery for Covid Patient