Disaster Response

Disasters impact on entire communities. The immediate effects include loss of life and damage to property and infrastructure, with the survivors traumatized by the experience, uncertain of the future and less able to provide for their own welfare, at least in the short term. More than likely, they are left without adequate shelter, food, water and other necessities to sustain life. Rapid action is required to prevent further loss of life. OFINS started its disaster relief initiative in the year 2000. We try our best to stand by the effective people directly or indirectly. We provide direct fund contribution to rehabilitation of effective people’s life and other immediate requirements of cloths, medicine, food and others personal care supplies etc.


Over 20000+ people benefited

Over 500000 fund utilized for disaster relief

50000+ fund contributed to Govt relief Fund

200+ families rehabilitate

Since last few decades various kind of natural calamities increased in India. Due to its geographical position disaster risk is high. OFINS always stands beside those families who are badly impacted through natural calamities time to time. Our disaster relief program provide immediate needs of the disaster affected people like food, cloth, medicine, healthcare service etc. and help them to rebuild their lives.

  • Grocery & Medicine

    Immediate disaster response team reach to disaster affected area and provide relief materials grocery, baby foods, medicine, women hygiene kits to the sufferers.

  • Rebuilding Work

    Distribution of tarpaulin to make a temporary shelter for the disaster victims.

  • Ready Food Serving

    Provide ready food to disaster affected people those are scattered in different temporary shelter.

  • Health Camp