Sports for Development

Sports is an essential for human development. It is not just recreational. It promotes good health, social interaction and healthy competition. Over the years the Government has launched several programs to encourage sports at the grassroots level. But these programs , though of laudable intention, have been too thinly spread to have any real impact. We need to take sports to every level of providing safe and accessible playfields especially to the girl child, in every locality , be at a village, a panchayat or an urban neighborhood . We must encourage our youth to come out to play and by nurturing their talent, help some of them to became champion. Sports can be used as a tool to enhance development outcomes in education, health, gender equality, employment and economic development.



Over 200 students benefited

80+ students getting free coaching

Football + Yoga + Athletic

4+ Professional Trainers

Sports for development programme in areas of social and economic deprivation usually have broad aims. Our objective is to promote various sports among the children and youth to reduce barriers and increase participation and also focused on personal, social and community development. These program aim to use sports as a way to employment of many talented and trained underprivileged youth.

  • Football & Athletic Training & Platform to perform

    Provide free football & athletic training to kids, boys and girls and helps them to prepare for competitive game and provide them platform to prove themselves.

  • Yoga Training and wellness

    Provide Yoga training competitively as well as for wellness of kids and women.

  • Sports Meet for engagement

    Sports meet is the platform where every year over 1000 of students from different school engaged in various competitive sports event on behalf of their respective school.