We all know that education is the key pillar of a society. Quality education is the need of the day. In a developing country like India the importance of education is not well understood to every people. Poor Children go to schools and avail government facilities in terms of food, clothing etc. But the actual objective of learning is always compromised. Being statistically enrolled into a formal school does not ensure a growing rate of literacy in a country, given the numerous other conditions that lead to a huge percentage of drop outs from all the government schools, the statistics of which might go unnoticed. Thousands of children are still far away from a healthy educational environment with an unbelievably huge number of children leaving education midway and most of them are suffering from low learning problem.

OFINS feels the need of promoting quality education among the economically backward section students. We believe that if nourished with proper care and planning, each child will grow up into an immensely potential human being.

Realizing the need of all round development of underprivileged children OFINS has taken up various projects in the field of education.


Our Impact on Education


Education is the right of every child and we are committed to provide free and quality education to every children irrespective of their origin. Our trained teachers always look after every children and help them to discover themselves in their own way. We hope that with with regular and generous contributions from our donors and supporters we will be able to walk steadily towards achieving these goals.

  • Free & Quality Education

    We aim to provide free & quality education with all support through our own education centres.

  • Distribution of Educational Accessories

    Providing all kinds of educational accessories to the underprivileged children for their uninterrupted education.

  • Book for Study

    We provide books and other supports to the underprivileged students to complete their education and fulfil their dreams.

  • Scholarship

    We give scholarships to needy and deserving underprivileged students to motivate and encouraged them in their studies.