Nutrition & Hygiene


Nutrition & Hygiene

"Prevention is better than cure.“ Hygiene and Nutrition awareness play very important role to aware people that by practicing basic healthy habits, they can avoid to falling sick. OFINS took the initiative of introducing Hygiene and Nutrition awareness program to educate rural India and make them aware of how to take proper care of their health and nutrition. Hygiene programme is focused towards addressing issues of personal health care, vaccination, hygiene, illness prevention etc. We have conducted various activities based on school children in number of schools. The children were sensitized about the importance of washing their hands before and after eating, how to clean teeth, importance of sports and daily exercise. We initiate door-to-door campaign to spread health awareness in rural area. On the other side Most of the village children suffer with malnutrition which prevents children from reaching their full physical and mental potential. Due to any reason (like geographical location, availability, financial inability, food security) malnutrition flourished mainly with children. Our initiative target to aware people how to overcome from this.


500+ children benefited

Increase awareness among villagers

Nutrition food chart & Hygiene kits distributed

4 villages covered

  • Objective

    To spread awareness about good nutrition and how we can get it from our regular food.

    To Provide nutrition food for child in rural areas and ensure availability of proper distribution of food in family.

    To fight against malnutrition in rural part of India.

    To spread Hygiene Awareness to protect child and people from regular disease. Also teach them importance of washing, hands, personal care, brushing teeth etc.

  • Target People

    Nutrition program mainly focused on children below 5years of age and hygiene program among students of age group 8 to 14years.

  • Target Area

    Barasat Block I & Barasat Block II, others parts of North 24 Parganas