Green Oath

Environment Conservation

Green Oath

we are in an era of Pollution, Global Warming, Soil Erosion, Species Extinction, Climate Change & many more. Cause of all these negative effects is only deforestation. But we can counter these negative effects with a small step of planting a tree. Trees help to combat global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide, removing and storing carbon while releasing oxygen back into the air. Planting a sapling & taking care of it till a full grown tree will lead us towards a better life & better world. In this mission to make our environment more greener & also to provide young students more awareness & responsibility OFINS initiated Tree Plantation Drive named "Green Oath". The project give opportunity to plant sapling and take care of sampling to bloom into a tree. We create a group of green friend to hold the ownership to take care of saplings.



400+ trees planted

70+ students participated as green friends

10+ School Engaged


  • Objective

    To Plant tree as much as possible in school, road side, community, park etc.

    To to improve air quality by intercepting and trapping dust and other pollutants from the air.

    To protecting groundwater supplies and improving water quality in your streams and ponds.

    To ensure clean air for our future.

  • Target Place

    School, community are, forest, park, road side etc.

  • Target Area

    Barasat Block I & Barasat Block II, others parts of North 24 Parganas