Pragati-Book Bank


Pragati-Book Bank

OFINS set up a free-of-cost book bank in 2003 to support the cause of students from disadvantaged sections to enable them to expand their frontiers of knowledge and achieve their academic and career goals. Since the area is mainly inhabited by poor and lower-middle-class families, the book bank has been effective to provide relief for the students who cannot afford to buy books. From time to time examination fees for the poor students have also been provided by the organization. Initially we used to collect used books by door-to-door collection, but due to frequent change in syllabus and curriculam we now provide new books to the needy students of class IX to XII and higher classes as per their requirement. At least 100 students from different classes get benefited from this project every year. We also provide financial help to the best of our capacity to the students who cannot pay their school fees due to extreme poverty.



Book Bank now has 300+ text books

2000+ students benefited

Over 30 schools engaged

Door-to-Door Campaign

  • Objective

    To provide free text book to the needy students for their studies

    To provide school fees for the economically backward students.

    To provide service to the needy studentsto successfully compete their educational pursuit

  • Target Age Group

    The target age group are of students from 10 to 18 years.

  • Target Area

    Barasat Block I & Barasat Block II, others parts of North 24 Parganas