Yaas Cyclone Relief, W.B 2021

Disaster Response

Yaas Cyclone Relief, W.B 2021

The Sundarban and its costal areas has been hit with a severe cyclone Yaas on 26th May 2021. For people in the ecologically fragile Sunderbans, life revolves around battling high tides daily and cyclones regularly. But every cyclone throws up new challenges to the Sunderbans and its inhabitants — something the people had not imagined. In West Bengal Purba Medinipur, coastal part of North & South 24 parganas people are badly affected specially now these areas are flooded. Thousands of people are homeless, They are fighting against hunger & maintaining hygiene in this covid pandemic situation. In this distressed condition we have organized Yaas Relief Drive at Sundarban (Village Parts of - Tushkhali, Atapur, Manipur, Dhoniyakhali, Puinjola) on 6th June, 2021. We covered 600 people by providing them Grocery Items, dry foods, hygiene materials including sanitary pads, mask and sanitizer.

Amphan Cyclone, W.B 2020

It was 22nd May 2020, that the Super cyclone Amphan hit West Bengal affecting 21,560 sq km of area. It was having winds with the speed of up to 190 km/h along with tremendous rainfall. Amphan strike the coast of Digha of West Bengal at 2.30 pm on 20th May 2020, Wednesday moved towards the north-northeast wards with a speed of 27 km/ph for past 6 hours, further converted to a cyclonic storm and moved towards over Bangladesh, about 270 km north-northeast of Kolkata. This tremendous cyclone resulted in numerous loss of properties and livelihood. The cyclone resulted in the loss of cropping as the saline waterlogged in the field, houses got smashed, over 5000 trees were uprooted. The area of Sunderban got ravaged due to it.Amphan has shaken state West Bengal from deep inside. 8 districts especially in coastal areas are badly affected. 80 lives were lost, Thousands of people are homeless and are living miserable life in roads and shelter. Our Friends in Need Society pledged to stand by the people of the affected areas in West Bengal. We have organized 2phase drive to distributed relief materials which contains 14 essential items like, Ration, Dry Food, Sanitary & Hygiene materials to 400 families against 1600 people in 7 villages (Bainara, Kumirmari, Rupkumari, Dhanikhali, Sulkuni, Khapukur and different part of Hingalganj) under Hingalgunj Block, Hasnabad, North 24 District, WB.

Ailla Cyclone Relief Drive, W.B, 2009

After the devastating Ailaa Cyclone, affecting North & South 24 Parganas in the year of 2009 the organization repeated the relief operation. The materials in the form of dry food, biscuit, parched rice, rice and pulse and bottled waters were collected from door to door collection spree from shops& houses wide areas of Barasat Municipality. Total number of cloth collection food items collection expected more than 6 tons & expected more than 1000 cloths. This time two or three members of the operation directly visited the affected area with relief material like food and medicine collected and stayed in the flood-affected area to distribute the relief material and at the same time for lending a helping hand to the others agencies operating in the area.