Seminars on Self-Employment

This programme is being conducted for the unemployed youths of the area to find a financial foot holds in the cut-throat competitiveness in the job-market of the present day. The organization has been successful in arranging at least one seminar in a year with mostly the youths of the Barasat Municipal and Block I & ll. It was attended by Dr. Aniruddha Chakroborty, officer in Fisheries Dept., WB Govt. & Animal Husbandry Dept., WB Govt., Ms. Gopa Mukhergjee, specialist of SHG (Self Help Group) and other Govt. Block officers & specialist of different NGOs. These specialists have taken very valuable interactive sessions informing the participants about different aspects of self-employment. A goatery project with Govt. assistance and project for of making medicinal garden plant was discussed in detail in these seminars. There is a future plan of conducting these seminars more intensely on specific projects.


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