Cause - Empowerment

Empowerment is one of our major commitment. There are number of issues need to be address to empower weaker section of the society.

Empowering people by giving them a good education that will prepare them to have a carrier and to hold a job that will make them more confident, give them the chance to learn from others, allow them to earn a good living to help their children to live a better life.

Empowering people is critical for achieving poverty eradication. They need to be made aware of their rights and entitlements, equipped with skills to make informed choice and negotiate for their rights and have access to resources for their development.

We are working to empower unemployed youth of the underprivileged families. OFINS is also working for gender equity and women’s rights and for their empowerment. We believe that if women of the family is empowered through education, training and others activities, they could take charge of their journey out of poverty and inspire others to do the same.

Help us so we can help others