Agnik-Academy of Sports

Sports for Development

Agnik-Academy of Sports

Since its establishment OFINS is running this academy without any fund support from any sources not from Govt. side or public sector. Few individual supports are our only motivation. Running a Sports academy demands huge cost as a result we are facing trouble very often but we have never stopped. This academy is the hope for many rural boys and girls. Currently over 100 students including boys and girls are getting football coaching from certified coach. Our Yoga Centre is benefiting over 30 students by specialist trainer. Over 20 Athletic students are getting regular training from professional Coach. Agnik Academy of Sports also enlisted under District Sports Authority, State West Bengal. The academy students participate in all sports event organized by District Sports Authority.



100+ students getting Football Coaching

30 students getting Yoga Training

20+ Athletic Students

30% Girls Participants

  • Objective

    To enhance development outcomes in education, health, gender equality, employment and economic development.

    To encourage youth in sports to develop good health, social interaction and healthy competition.

    To building local talent to change community behaviors is crucial in making a program impactful, sustainable and cost effective

    To sharpen those youth’s talent by giving a proper training-Physical training as well as mental training so that they can able to create their career in sports in the undergrowth country like India.

    To Providing an alternative career opportunity

  • Target Age Group

    For Football & Athletic Age group is 6 years to 16 Years, for Yoga Age Group for competitive and open for all for wellness.

  • Target Area

    Barasat Block I & Barasat Block II, others parts of North 24 Parganas

Agnik Academy of Sports-Football Training Centre

Traditionally, football at the grassroots level in India has been largely neglected and untapped. The budding young footballers need access to proper training and infrastructure in order to hone their skills and be able to ultimately realize their potential, which they miss out on due to monetary reasons and/or absence of proper facilities. By providing access to quality training and facility to everyone, it becomes easier to identify the right talent from a wider pool, and to give the deserving youngsters the required training which would help them develop into successful footballers. Much to the relief of youngsters who are averse to theoretical education and rote learning, football offers an alternative career to them. Over 100 students including boys and girls of our academy are getting quality training from trained and certified trainer. We are focused on grassroots development to produce a potential football player. Last year our academy students represented state West Bengal in U15 level. And many more are playing U15 level in big football clubs in West Bengal

Promoting Girls Football in India

To empower women and to promote football at the grassroots level, OFINS organized first- ever Inter School Football Tournament at Badu, Barasat, North 24 Parganas. Many government and private schools participate in this tournament.

With the rapidly growing popularity of football in India and its women’s national team being ranked 57 in the world, such a tournament will be instrumental in promoting girls talent in football right from the elementary school level. Apart from being the first of its kind tournament, the event will also promote and encourages gender equality and empowerment of women and girls. Our academy encourage and aware girls and their parents to participate in Football. Our 30% students are girls right now.

Sports Academy’s Girls Division Received Appreciation:

Our Girls football training division which is going since last 2 years has received a great appreciation from North 24 Parganas District Police & Barasat Thana Club Samannay Committee for the upliftment of rural women in sports. As OFINS is also working on women upliftment and empowerment in rural area for many years, we are thankful for getting this honor.

Agnik Academy of Sports-Athletic Division

Athletics is considered to be mother of all games and is in fact the way of living and not just a sport. Athletics not only builds you physically but it helps in body coordination and gives you mental stiffness. The most common types of athletics competitions are track and field, road running, cross country running, and race walking. But due to lack of accessibility and proper training rural boys and girls are not trained or even participated in competitive athletic events. They participate in schools athletic competition but only 1% of them move forward. Lack of awareness and proper platform is also a reason behind this. OFINS initiated to provide that plat from to rural boys and girls and trained them by professional trainer and promote them into district and state level competition. Right now we have 30+ students in athletic division who are getting proper training and guidance.

Agnik Academy of Sports-Yoga Division

It is essential to understand what exactly Yoga really is. Yoga is not a religion, it’s a way of living that aims towards a healthy mind in a healthy body. Man is a physical, mental and spiritual being; Yoga helps in developing the balance between all the three as stated in Ayurveda in India. Yoga is not just about bending or twisting the body and holding the breath. It is a technique to bring you into a state where you see and experience reality simply the way it is. Some benefit of Yoga : Improves brain function, Lower stress levels, Increases flexibility, Lowers blood pressure, Improves lung capacity, Relieves anxiety, Relieves chronic back pain, Lowers blood sugar in diabetics, Improves sense of balance, Stronger bones, Healthy weight, Lowers risk of heart diseases etc. Yoga as a practice has innumerable benefits that positively affects an individual both physically and mentally. Our academy is providing competitive yoga training as well as wellness for the people through a trained professional trainer. Currently over 30 students are getting benefit from our Yoga Centre and mostly are girls.