Flood Relief in North 24 Parganas, W.B 2000

In 2000 a devastating flood broke out in different areas of north 24 Parganas and organization instantly made a drive to collect relief materials. The materials in the form of dry food, biscuit, parched rice, rice and pulse and bottled waters were collected from door to door collection spree from shops. Cloths were collected from domestic house through door to door collection in wide areas of Barasat Municipality. Since the number of cloth collection expected more than 2500 cloths &food items collection expected 5 tons, more than 1500 cloths & 3 tons of food items were distributed in Baduria and Basirhat area also than 1000 cloths were donated to Ramkrishna Mission Flood Relief centre in Belur, Howrah & other NGOs.

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